Version 0.19.0, released Mon Jan 4 12:07:34 2016 +0200.
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uraniacast is a non-interactive podcast downloader. It's a CLI app that works under Linux or FreeBSD.

uraniacast configuration file (by default ~/.uraniacast/config) may look like this:

set feed(hist.in_our_time) {
    url {http://downloads.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/radio4/iot/rss.xml}

hist.in_our_time is just a name we gave to a particular podcast feed.


Docs & config


To Run

For treatment scripts only:

To Build

Source Code


git clone git://git.code.sf.net/p/uraniacast/code uraniacast


Pre-installation Steps

If you're installing from .rpm or .txz, pandoc & asciidoc are not required.

From Sources

  1. Unpack the tarball in any directory. We will refer to the result as $DIR.

  2. Type:

    $ cd $DIR
    $ make

    and as root

    # make install

    (replace "make" w/ "gmake" for FreeBSD). This will install files in usual system directories under /usr prefix for Linux & /usr/local prefix for FreeBSD. If you want a different location, just add PREFIX=/some/dir as a make parameter.

    $ make PREFIX=/home/bob/software install

From Packages


  1. Run "uraniacast". It will give you an error:

     uraniacast error: config: Tcl: couldn't read \
        file "~/.uraniacast/config": no such file or directory

    That's OK, don't worry. Type:

     $ cp /usr/share/uraniacast/config.sample ~/.uraniacast/config
     $ chmod +w ~/.uraniacast/config

    Edit ~/.uraniacast/config file. Remove all "treatment" lines there for this time.

  2. Read uraniacast(1) man page.

  3. Finally, type:

     $ uraniacast -vs

    then go to ~/.uraniacast/media and enjoy.


Doesn't work w/ this particular Tcl versions:



MIT. Copyright (c) 2009

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